Monday, 29 May 2017

Page Turner, Or Bodice Ripper?

Two definitions for you...
Page Turner; any book, esp. a novel, which is so interesting, exciting, suspenseful, etc. that it draws the reader along, though it may be of little or no literary worth.
Bodice Ripper; romantic novel, usually on a historical theme, that involves some sex and sometimes violence
I blame Mags for this post, for it was she who pointed me towards it. I'd been happily recovering the damaged spine of my Bible, so that Good Book could continue being of use, when she sent me pictures of an alternative use for damaged book spines. Look at this incredible dress created by French designer Sylvie Facon.
A glorious evening gown, and the bodice is all made of book spines.
The skirt is ecru, in voiles and organzas [looking as if they have been dyed in tea, to get that faded Miss Havisham look]
The back is laced, corset fashion. Not the sort of dress you can wriggle into by yourself, you definitely need a maid, friend, or lover on hand to fasten the strings!

This picture shows how the bodice is on a tulle foundation - it probably has an extra firm cotton lining inside too.

It is a fabulous piece of stitchery - were I Helena Bonham Carter, I would certainly wear this to pop down to the M&S Foodhall for a pint of milk. Or maybe glide into Ferndown Library to return the [undamaged] books I've borrowed.
But I am not HBC. On the other hand, I do have a tall, beautiful daughter who would look utterly stunning in a frock like this. How about it Steph? You could certainly wear it to your local library in Manchester. The glorious John Rylands building would be a brilliant place to showcase such a creation...


  1. Clever!!! That's certainly a wonderful idea!

  2. Love, love, love, love, love! I knew you'd know how it was made!

  3. I just ran across pictures of this dress and was blown away by it. I'm a book-lover, occasional book artist, and closet fashionista (my own wardrobe runs to short sleeve button-down shirts, jeans, hoodies, and athletic shoes). I went to Ms. Facon's webpage first to see if she had posted anything about it, but nothing yet. I gather it has a steampunk vibe. Thanks for your comments on the fabrics and construction--they're very helpful for understanding the dress--and for your witty commentary on who might look suitable in the dress.

  4. Great dress Angela! Thanks for sharing it. Cheers

  5. Gosh what a fabulous dress!

  6. Oh, the John Rylands library! It's like a book cathedral, I love it.

    1. Looking forward to visiting when I go up to see Steph later in the year


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