Sunday 21 May 2017

Christian Aid Week 2017

On Monday at our WWDP Committee, Muriel led our devotions, and gave us each some red string. She used some of the prayers from the Christian Aid Week booklet, and shared this with us.

Take a piece of red string…
Find a length of red string, wool or fabric. Hold it as you read the passage for each day. As you reflect on the questions, tie a knot in the fabric – one for each person who comes to mind as you pray. Each knot is a symbol that we are bound together as sisters and brothers in Christ. At the end of Christian Aid Week, we’ll collect the threads together as a visible symbol of the praying, acting and giving that has taken place during the week, while remembering those who are hungry, sick or need inviting in. We’ll present the postcards and bundle of wool to our political leaders as a reminder that we are bound together, and that each of us around the world is deserving of safety and welcome – particularly those in need of food and shelter.
Bound together as sisters and brothers
As you’ve prayed this Christian Aid Week, you’ve joined thousands of others all over the country. Thousands of others who are not prepared to ignore the hungry, the thirsty and the sick. Thousands of others who, together, are part of a different story where no one is left out. Turn these prayers into a powerful symbol that binds us together. 
We’ll collect threads from around the country, bind them together and present them to our political leaders to demonstrate our connectedness. We’ll demonstrate our commitment to a Britain that  refuses to turn a blind eye to suffering. We’ll demonstrate the need for a new story, a story where the hungry are fed, the thirsty are offered a drink, the stranger is invited in and all are liberated.

Dear Prime Minister

This Christian Aid Week, I’ve been listening to the stories of people forced from their homes. These stories remind us of our common humanity, which is everywhere being denied by violence, inhumane policies and the words we use. This thread reminds us that we are bound together: you and me, and all those currently seeking sanctuary. Please join us in overcoming division and uphold our proud tradition as a nation that stands up for those in desperate need wherever they are in the world.

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