Saturday, 27 May 2017

Happy Birthday Liz!

It's the birthday of my Firstborn today, where have the years gone? Sadly we are down in Dorset and they are up in Norfolk this weekend [and Rosie has just acquired her first pair of shoes!] But I have made Liz a suitably cycling themed card and trusting the Postman to deliver it on time...
We're very proud of both of our girls - they are so precious to us, and have brought so much joy into our lives. Today there are many mothers in Manchester, in Chibok, in Mindanao, and other places who are grieving for their girls. God be with them and comfort them.  
May I never take my girls for granted, may they always know the unconditional love I have for them.
Happy Birthday, Liz!


  1. Hugging my daughter and granddaughters a little closer this week.

  2. Happy birthday Liz! Brilliant card!


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