Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Have You Heard Of Higglers?

Me neither, until our recent visit to Axminster. We discovered that higgler is an archaic English word** for an itinerant pedlar of inconsequential trifles. Except in that fine town, where the West Country Higgler is a lovely little tea shop, selling delicious beverages, fresh salads, and stunning cakes. 
The other part of the shop is Little Bits of Lovely which sells hand crafted, recycled, reclaimed, preloved [etc etc] items. It's part of a crowdfunded community project - and one way of returning the 'little shops' to our towns and villages. 
We enjoyed an excellent lunch there, before our NT excursion to Loughwood. And I loved looking at all the goods in sale in the shop [didn't buy anything though!] 


I quite fancy my own button dispenser [so much more useful than bubble gum]

**Henry Fielding uses the term in his book Tom Jones. However, in the West Indies, the word higgler has now come to mean a person who sells drugs. So just be careful where you use it in conversation!


  1. You do visit some interesting places!

    1. We do take our Day Off very seriously, so make an effort to visit worthwhile places. And we do not know this part of the country very well, so we're really enjoying our explorations. Sadly it's just a little bit too far to get right down to Cornwall and back in a day, or we could visit you.

  2. That sounds a highly interesting place. I like upcycling and yesssss to the button dispenser.


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