Monday, 11 September 2017

Feeling Slightly Less Long-In-The-Tooth

Interestingly, our topic this term is all about food and digestion. Fortuitously, our story book is "Demon Dentist" by David Walliams. Happily, we spent a few minutes on Friday afternoon talking about teeth. Predictably, the class had lots of questions - including "Why aren't we born with teeth?" and "How long do Baby Teeth last?". Unsurprisingly, most of them are in the throes of acquiring their second set, and the Tooth Fairy seems to be working overtime at the minute. Intriguingly, her rates of pay appear to vary considerably, from pillow to pillow!
Proudly, I told them that one of my baby teeth lasted a Very Long Time, and that I still had it when I left Primary School. Jestingly, I asked them to guess when it came out. 
Cheerfully, I share with you the ensuing conversation ...

Were you twelve, Miss?
Older than that
Keep guessing
Twenty one?
Go on
No! she's not THAT old! 
Thirty then?
Well, actually, I was thirty two...
[gasps all round]

I felt I had to draw the game to a close - but was secretly quite pleased that they believe I am not that old. Oh, if they only knew...

Re-reading this post, I can tell it is the start of a new term. Disturbingly, many of my sentences are beginning with 'fronted adverbials'. It won't last, I can assure you!


  1. Do tell us, what are the tooth fairies' rates these days?

  2. They appear to range between 10p and £10. My school is not in an affluent area- I suspect the £10 may have been Wishful Thinking! I did tell the class that some times my girls had little notes in tiny writing saying "Sorry, lots of teeth to sort tonight, I will bring back your money tomorrow, love the TF"

  3. Yes, Angela, I am always amazed at the difference in tooth fairy money. Glad about the adverbs though-not something of which I am fond. Catriona

  4. Is a fronted adverbial a good thing or a bad thing? (according to The Powers That Be, that is.

  5. I'm in my 30s and still have a baby tooth among my adult ones. I'm not sure what the tooth fairy would award me for it, probably a telling off for making her wait so long lol

  6. Happily, I noticed your fronted adverbials. Frequently, I hear myself trying to use them! Which tooth came out when you were 32? Most of my back ones never came out, they are still the first lot.


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