Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Happy Silver Anniversary

...to my brother Adrian, and his wife Marion - two great people whom I love very much!
Here they are in Southampton exactly two years ago, looking surprisingly serious.
I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to locate a picture of their wedding day - in Dereham Baptist Church, on 19th September 1992 [Liz and Steph were bridesmaids, cousin Julian was pageboy]
Back in 1992, we weren't using digital cameras and 
saving everything to the PC.
Here is a serious looking couple from 1922 - I really think we need a caption competition for this one!


  1. "Move the caterpillar from the flowers before I scream"??

  2. "It's okay, darling. One of us will die eventually and the other one will be free!"

  3. 'The flowers have teeth! They are nibbling my hand. Wait??? They're breeding!!!'

  4. Hmm. Possible caption? "I'm so sorry, honey. I cut the whole rose garden."
    I LOVE the other meme!!! Hilarious. And true of all us bloggers, haha!


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