Sunday, 10 September 2017

Still Praying For Lubbesthorpe

I have gone on about the New Lubbesthorpe housing development rather a lot on this blog. It is over 11 years since Bob felt challenged by God to write to the council in Leicester and say "If this happens, how can we help make it a good community?"

He wrote letters, and attended meetings, arranged a day conference, and persuaded some of us to walk through muddy fields in the pouring rain, praying for the people who would  eventually live in the houses to be built there - and for the person who would be the Community Worker.
And last autumn, Sue Steer was commissioned to do that job, and has been taking welcome packs to New Residents, and already organised a successful get together for the new residents who have already moved in. 
This week we had a surprise- one of our friends sent Bob a picture of one of the roads under development. I really don't think it is anything to do with my wonderful husband - but I am rather pleased about it. After all the prayer and effort and hard work which Bob put in, when this was just a planning proposal, I am glad that one of the roads has ended up with his surname on it. I hope that when Sue and the other people working to build that community go past the sign, they will be encouraged, and remember that we are still praying for them. 


  1. This is a wonderful encouragement. Well done.

  2. Isn't that great? Bob must be held in high regard...and he has 'made a difference'.

  3. That is such a wonderful thing to happen!

  4. I think that sounds like a wonderful place to live. And who wouldn't want to say they have a street named after them. I'd claim it x x

  5. I am sure it is just a happy accident- not really named after Bob!

  6. Bob must be held in high regard...and he has 'made a difference'.



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