Tuesday 10 October 2017

Back But Blinkin' Busy!

A few days away at Cornerstones in the Autumn always sets me up for the roller-coaster ride towards Christmas. But much as I love my time in Norfolk, I have work to do back in Dorset. The calendar is jam-packed for the next few weeks. Teaching on Thursdays and Fridays, church on Sundays, and a lot of WWDP Preparation Days round the country, plus involvement in a couple of conferences... and lots more besides. 
I debated having a blog break for a week or so. But have I decided instead to prepare some posts in advance.  A few clips and quotes which have amused me, or made me reflect. 
From your many kind comments, emails, and even real-life-conversations, I know lots of you read this blog every day. Thank you for taking time to share my journey.  I don't want to disappoint my friends, so for a week or so, you'll still find a Thought For The Day to keep you going! 


  1. Bless you and thank you. I do so enjoy reading your daily blog and the very many varied topics you choose to write about. I hope with all your hard work ahead you take time out for yourself and find time to replenish your energy and to just rest and relax when you can. Thank you Sue H.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Sue!

  3. I do hope all your activites go well without being too tiring. I do enjoy reading your blog, & stop by every day, so thankyou for taking time to prepare these posts despite life being so busy. I hope everything gets done without being too frenetic. Best wishes, Vee x.

  4. Look after yourself as best you can and try and pace everything as much as you can (because I am so good at it ha! ha!) Praying for you x

  5. Thank you. I found your recent post about the London trip quite encouraging - sometimes an unexpected change of plan can provide the space we need just to stop and enjoy the view. It's too easy to feel that we need to fill every minute of our time with purposeful activity. I'm busy, but trying to make spaces just to 'be'

  6. Thank you for making time to post even when you are busy. But do pace yourself so that you don't get too busy!


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