Saturday 7 October 2017

Health Warning

It so often happens - you keep going at full speed, and then when you slow down, everything catches up with you. I was pretty tired last Friday night, and my foot was hurting and my throat felt a bit sore.

Over the weekend, my throat became even more painful, and I realised the foot issue was a verruca. 
After buying various things at different places, I ended up at the local GP's surgery. I now have antibiotics for an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Hoping to be fit and well before I have to preach tomorrow morning. 
At least I haven't had to teach this week! 


  1. Listen to your body Angela. It's telling you to slow down! Be well soon.xx

  2. If when you are preaching a piece of church decoration drops down for no apparent reason, ignore it (it won't be a sign). If a well meaning member of the congregation offers you a Strepsil, don't put it in your mouth (you won't be able to preach at the same time). I doubt anyone will have the audacity to present you with a P45. Have a glass of tepid water by you and if your voice begins to go take a good mouthful not just a sip.

  3. Thank you for all the helpful advice. Hoping your surname isn't Hammond, Philip!

  4. Oh no, hope you're back to full health soon.

  5. I hope you are better soon! Have you tried strapping Banana skin to the Verruca? I heard that they can 'cure' verrucas.
    Also, Ribena, Lemon, Honey, Thyme and Hot water is a great mixture to soothe a sore throat.x


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