Saturday 28 October 2017

Undivided Heart

This book was written by Lucy Mills, published October 2017 by Darton, Longman and Todd.
I read Lucy’s first book – Forgetful Heart – when it came out in 2014. I enjoyed that one enormously. She is a gifted wordsmith, and has a very readable style. Her second book is written with the same format – four sections, and different chapters within each section focusing on aspect of the topic. Each chapter includes poems (prayers?) written by Lucy, and concludes with a few helpful questions for personal reflection on the content of the chapter just read. 

Lucy sent me a copy of her new book to read and review. The subtitle of Undivided Heart is “Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ” – and I think it would be helpful both to those who are new to faith, and those who have been on the Christian journey for many years.
I admit that sat down to read this book, and initially I just could not get into it at all – after a couple of chapters I put it down again (that was probably more about me than the book). Returning to it a couple of weeks later, I found that I really WAS wanting to read it all, and there was much to learn, to think about, to challenge and to encourage. It certainly fulfils the old instruction to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” Unlike Forgetful Heart, this one includes very good footnotes- not just to clarify where the Bible quotes come from, but also references to the books and articles which Lucy has used to justify her arguments. I always like a book which spurs me on to find out more, and points me in the right direction for my research.

Lucy is very honest about herself, her faults and failings, her feelings and her frustrations – but her strong faith shines through. “Decluttering your life” is very on-trend right now – and this volume gently reminds me that maybe the best place to start is not with my wardrobe or my in-box, but with my soul!
Read more about the book, and about Lucy - and find out where to buy the book here. It would make a great Christmas gift too.


  1. Hi! This sounds a great book! I like books that work for different stages of your faith journey.x

  2. Kezzie, I think you really would get on with this book, and that much of what Lucy says would resonate with you.


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