Monday 9 October 2017

Can You Solve My Problems?

Don't worry, nothing is wrong. This is just the title of the book which I have been reading all week. 
Alex Bellos has put together a collection of maths puzzles which I have found challenging, amusing, and some quite baffling. But all have been a fun diversion. In one chapter he describes how the satisfaction he gets from completing a Sudoku grid is akin to that enjoyed by others filling in their colouring book. If you can relate to that, then I think you'd enjoy this book too.
Some puzzles require logic, others need calculation skills, or algebra or understanding of simple geometry. Many require you to spot the pattern [or the difference] I admit this is a very geeky, niche interest. But I am loving working through the challenges.
If you are wondering about the puzzle on the front cover, the answer is this;
It is the first square - simply because every other shape has reason to be the odd one out, but this one doesn't! [#2 has no border, #3 is round, #4 is blue, #5 is too small] 
If this means nothing to you, that's fine. But you may want to consider it for a Christmas gift for the maths nerd in the family. 


  1. That is very clever! I had worked out possible differences for all if them but not cottoned onto the fact that the first was unique in its fitting in!

  2. Btw, The Riddles of Sheherezade is a similar sort of idea!

  3. That is definitely clever! I am going to look for this book for my daughter!


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