Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Giving It My Undivided Attention

One important task for the next week is writing a book review. I am really looking forward to this task!
My dear friend Lucy Mils has just written her second book - The Undivided Heart. Three years ago, her first one - the Forgetful Heart - was published, and I happily reviewed that for her [here - do check it out]
I feel very privileged this time, to have a pre-publication copy to read and review.
It is a PDF copy - which will feel a little odd, I am really a proper-paper-pages-person. I suspect that this one will be just as good as the last, so I will end up buying a volume for my shelf, once it is available in 'proper' book form. Watch this space, the review will appear on the blog before too long...


  1. Ha, ha, I am going to borrow that saying - any excuse for not cleaning the house! How nice that you have the opportunity to preview your friend's book! Looking forward to reading your review.


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