Monday, 29 April 2019

A Mouse Took A Stroll...

...through the Deep Dark Wood
- and many of you will already know this is the beginning of the story of The Gruffalo. On Easter Monday, we went to High Lodge in Thetford Forest.  It was an utterly brilliant family day out. First, we did the cycle trail. 
Liz took these pictures whilst riding [I am impressed] I have not been on a bike since Christmas, but managed the 5 mile "Shepherd Trail" surprisingly easily. After an excellent lunch, John did the Red "Burner Trail" and the rest of us went to hunt the Gruffalo.
We found the mouse, the owl, the fox, the woodlark - and even played the giant xylophone...but the Gruffalo himself was away on holiday.
There was loads to see and do at High Lodge, for all ages- with plenty of seats, cycle racks, and disabled access points - and plenty of helpful information panels.
The sandwiches and baguettes in the cafe were freshly made, and generously filled. 
The toilets were well equipped and clean [and considering the place was heaving with visitors, that was a great relief]
Parking was very efficiently organised. We took two vehicles [five people and four bikes] and it cost us £15 in total to park. But entry to the Country Park is free. I reckon £3 a head for all the fun we had is a perfectly fair price. We could have paid extra to "Go Ape" and ride the zipwire - but decided against it.
I'd certainly recommend High Lodge for a family day out. I'm sure the beautiful weather contributed to our fun - but with the right clothing and footwear, I think it would be enjoyable even in the colder, damper seasons.
The Forestry Commission have done a good job here. We will definitely go again [and we hope to see The Gruffalo next time]


  1. Fabulous day out! Just what we love- strawberries would definitely have gone ape!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day out! You are looking well. :)

    1. Thank you - the holiday is doing me good!

  3. Looks great. Bit of a letdown that the Gruffalo didn't show. Hope he hasn't had his head turned by fame :-)


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