Friday, 26 April 2019

Decking And Dancing

Last year, we realised the decking at Cornerstones was beginning to collapse. We measured it, and worked out both the cost of replacement, and a timetable for doing the work.
Because we're planning on having a Ruby Wedding celebration in August, we knew there was a date by which we needed it sorted. 
On Tuesday morning  Bob started removing the planks. This was very revealing.. 
He discovered that they'd been laid wrongly, with insufficient support posts underneath - and a high proportion of the wood was rotten. The dismantling had not come a moment too soon.
Jon arrived to help do the work, and we were so grateful for that.
We were speculating on the cost of taking the scrap wood to the tip, when Jon said "Do any of your neighbours have a wood burning stove?" 
Brilliant idea - two neighbours were very pleased to relieve us of the timber, rotten though it was.
Once everything had gone, we looked again at the garden and decided we didn't really need decking. We would be just as happy with more slabs. So now we are working out the next stage of the project. But that won't get underway till the summer.
Meanwhile Rosie had her own little construction project inside the lounge, building a lego tower. She is so bright and cheerful, but at that stage where everything is questioned. "Grandma, why is....?"  "Mummy, what's that?" etc. We're all resisting the urge to respond with "Because I say so!"
Liz, Rosie and I went to Morrisons to buy some lunch. They have toddler trollies. Rosie enjoyed that - and dancing to the instore muzak. All the decking work was done by lunchtime and Bob mowed the lawn so we could play Crazy Golf. With this young lady around, it certainly was crazy! 


  1. Your old decking could have been an accident just waiting to happen!
    Look forward to seeing a picture of the replacement.

  2. That's a very posh door on your shed!

  3. Are you certain the wood isn’t treated? Much outdoor decking wood is treated to prevent rotting and should not be burnt as it contains arsenic.

    1. It IS OK to burn. But thanks for pointing this out!

  4. Rosie seems to be such a happy little girl! I remember those days of constantly being asked, "Why?"!

  5. Ahhh the 'why' stage. I know it well lol


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