Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Window Dressing

It's time to shut up Cornerstones and return to Dorset. We've had a great time - days with family and friends, and time to relax on our own. Not too much 'housekeeping' though. The dying decking was a priority, but with Jon's help, Bob was able to clear it all in one morning. Stage 2 can wait till August. But there is currently a 15" drop outside the doors. 

I'm not sure who will be here in the next 3 months, but I've stuck up warning notices!
One other little job was the window in the Futility Room. Because Cornerstones is on the corner, people can look in as they walk past.
We'd removed the original worn-out vertical blind, and debated what to put in its place. I fancied a simple curtain made from a strip of linen, but Bob wasn't sure. We didn't want another blind and definitely not nets. 

Then Bob was in the garage in Dorset and found a roll of window film. We'd bought this in Kirby in 1996, because the window in the downstairs loo was a bit too revealing. 
It worked well there - and we kept the remainder of the roll. Now we have a Rennie Mackintosh window in Norfolk. We're both very pleased with it. Y ou just wet the glass and press the film in place with a squeegee. No adhesive needed. 
Feeling really refreshed and ready to return, grateful for simple blessings. 
My phone has started offering me collages of photos. Here's Bob enjoying fish'n'chips at Wells Next The Sea last Wednesday in Plattens
He says that most pictures of him on the blog involve food. He is right, I must aim for more variety. 


  1. The window film looks gorgeous what a good find -I take it Cornerstones is a holiday home for you? Glad you had a lovely relaxing time -it is what everyone needs from time to time. Love the collages is that an App?

  2. As Bob is a minister, we live in a house belonging to the church in Dorset where he works. We've bought Cornerstones to be our retirement home - we use it for holidays (as do family & friends) We are so grateful to have our "bolthole" in Norfolk.
    The collages are a new thing, I think it is part of the Google Photos app.

    1. Sounds similar to our cottage - though of course our retirement here is postponed due to our flood - we should have built an Arc like Noah!!
      This conversation now sounds familiar have you told me this before in a comment - my memory is shocking these days since I left work! I think everyone should have a little bolthole - even my gran and grandad did as they had a tiny hut (called a chalet) but only one room, in Derbyshire to escape to at the weekends. It was idyllic.

  3. That window is just gorgeous.

  4. That window film looks very pretty!


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