Monday, 1 April 2019

Food For Thought

It is almost 25 years since Dr Jennie Brand Miller, [pictured left] from the University of Sydney,  published her ground-breaking work on GI diets, and the Glycaemic Index.
I think it is fair to say that her work has genuinely changed the way that many diet plans are worked out, and affected the eating habits of thousands - whether or not they realise it!
It appears that some more of her Oz colleagues have been working on food and come up with another development.
Prof. Ailsa Loyd and her colleague Lydia L. Fosparo from Melbourne University have now produced the Lila Food Spray.
This is made using para di-lysol FA, a chemical extracted from tea tree oil. Native to Queensland and New South Wales, the tea tree has been used for centuries by the native Australian peoples, for its medicinal anti-bacterial properties. Prof Lloyd and Ms Fosparo have put this extract into a spray which can be misted over your plate of food.
This will prevent any bacteria from growing on the food for up to three hours - thus reducing the need for cling film if you wish to prepare meals in advance.
It also imparts an attractive sheen - useful for those who feel the need to use instagram or Facebook in order to share pictures of their diet with the rest of the world via the internet. 
Unfortunately they haven't quite perfected the product yet, as the character of the spray changes once it settles on the food, and over time a certain flavour develops. Ideally it should remain tasteless, but para di-lysol FA leaves a hint of disinfectant flavour on the tongue.[thus there is the added effect that the diner eats less - and thus the spray inadvertently assists dieters!]
Save the planet, eat beautiful food, lose weight - it sounds too good to be true.
But today,  I am definitely giving this one a miss - fascinating though it is.


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