Thursday, 18 April 2019

I'm Definitely A Bag Lady

At the start of Lent, I said I hoped to achieve the 40-bags-in-40-days challenge.
It's Good Friday tomorrow so I consider today is when I stop and reflect. 
I copied the Checklist from the Happily Homegrown blog - but modified it. I have no basement, no pets, and no children living at home.
I decided that if I felt really fatigued on any day, I'd not worry, but attempt two 10 minute slots later.
I stuck my list inside the pantry door, checking off areas as I tackled them, and also making a tally of "bags leaving the house" at the top.
I am happy to report that forty one bags have gone! 10 to Charity, 2 to a foodbank, and 29 to the bin men [I estimated at least one third to recycling] Sundays I rested, and some days I just didn't manage it. But other days I did longer stretches of decluttering. 
The clothes sort resulted in a completely empty chest of drawers. That's going to Liz next week. 
Lots of linen and towels from the airing cupboard have gone [WaggyTails Dog Charity happily accepts even the greyest, threadbare towels for their muddy canine friends] 
I went through my cotton reels and discarded very old, degraded threads and sorted the remainder by colour. 
That's the sort of activity I could do whilst relaxing on the sofa. 
It's been a very satisfying challenge. I think Bob is hoping I will continue! 
I am glad I didn't attempt anything too ambitious - I've followed a Facebook group who've shared their experiences, and so many were getting upset at not achieving their goals. It's important to be realistic, and do what you can where you can. 

41 bags and a chest of drawers isn't bad for a 64year old coping with Post Viral Fatigue. How was your Lent Challenge? 


  1. One good thing about moving twice in less than two years is that I don't have much unnecessary stuff left!
    Well done on your clearing. Hope you are still getting plenty of rest

  2. You're right, Sue. Twenty years in one place meant we accumulated a lot of stuff, and I was not as ruthless as I should have been when we moved here. Yes, I am resting most days after lunch, and gradually feeling better. Thank you for asking.

  3. Wow! Well done, Angela! You did really well with your decluttering!

  4. Well done! I can't say I have done well at all, but I did take a lot of 'things' to the new Air Ambulance CS this week, including a lap quilt that I had made and never liked. Hopefully someone will buy it for their grandma's knees!

  5. Well done, its something I really should do, but if I try to weed out DB's things, its 'oh done take that I need it@. Why he needs 6 winter coats is beyond me!!

    Just now I am sorting out quilting fabric, I am not making any more big quilts, so am donating a majority of my fabric to a local quilting group who make quilts for charity. Just keeping bag and lining fabric.

    Personally I try not to keep a lot of clutter. I do love crystal, but use it as we do the silver cutlery we were given years ago. Fabric has always been my downfall as more......concentrating on making the garden reasonably low maintenance as possible.

  6. Well done! Angela.

    It can be difficult letting go, but you've shown that it can also be liberating and of great use to others.

    When I was getting ready to retire each day that I worked I would try to 'go through' something to do with my teaching. Sometimes it was to pass on resources both phycical and digital, clear out, sharpen pencils, filing cabinets etc. The greatest challenge was to clear my mind and get in a position to begin. By the final week of term I'd done everything, left my department ready for the next occupant and I could leave with a bag for life of school stuff, a car full of cards, presents etc and a heart full of love.

    I'm beginning to think that like you I can do this at home. I made a start a couple of years ago when we moved to a smaller house, but wasn't ready to liberate some stuff. I now feel more ready...

  7. As semi-retirement looms, I'm more and more determined to do the exact same type of decluttering, starting with the mountain of knitting and crochet magazines that people have kindly donated to me in the midst of their decluttering, which is precisely why my house is filled with other peoples' stuff!!You did a great job, Angela.

  8. That is amazing, Ang! Bet you feel ten tonnes lighter in life! I am going to do a mini version over the Easter holidays. Off to count how many bags that is in eight days...


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