Saturday, 18 April 2020

Everywhere I Look...

...I see greetings cards. It is so lovely - in the lounge, and in the dining room, and on the window sill. Cards, cards, cards

These are just some of the ones I received for my birthday, along with three lots of flowers [plus my Mothering Sunday ones which lasted two full weeks - thank you family, and Bloom&Wild]
People sent birthday cards, and Get Well cards, and Easter cards. Far more than usual. And they took the time to write thoughtful messages inside.
Some of the cards had been specially made, and those ones are always precious.
This one was die cut, embossed and inked. The colours and textures are beautiful. "If you come up to my house at 2pm, I shall leave your card and some flowers behind the gate" said my isolating friend. I went up on my bike - and sat on the steps at the end of her garden and she sat just inside her front door, and we had a good chat in the sunshine!
These three from friends who know me very well - and from all over the country. All of them feature sewing - two with machines, and one with a free-motion machine embroidery flower. You can't quite see the cute little pair of silver scissors on the card top left. I love the different fabrics and embellishments.
This is an Easter card from Alison - a very dear friend here in Ferndown. She is one of the UK's top parchment crafters, and runs teaching workshops. Find out about her Kingfisher Crafts business hereThis is the special Easter card she designed for 2020.So much detail, such intricate work. I love it!
And then these two cards- made by some young children I know. The orange one came from a little girl in Norfolk, and inside it said "to Angela and Bob. I miss Rosie and you two, lots of love". I miss her too - and hope its not too long before we see her and her family.
Maybe if the lockdown keeps going, I shall sit down one morning and make some cards myself. I have been terrible at remembering dates. I've missed 4 birthdays of family and friends since all this started, which is really unlike me.
I feel like the deaf little old ladies on the park bench...
First granny; "Isn't it windy?"
Second granny "No it's Thursday"
Third granny; "So am I, let's have a cup of tea"
[please note, this joke predates social distancing]
I usually have a two week rule for displaying a card on the mantelpiece. But at the moment I may make it three...because their bright cheerfulness reminds me I have so many dear friends and family members "out there", and I am grateful for them all - and I pray they will be kept well and safe.


  1. Such beautiful cards Angela, that embossed one with the flowers is absolutely gorgeous, one of the nicest home crafted cards I've ever seen. I've only fairly recently started making cards and the efforts of experienced crafters inspire me tremendously, I can only dream of being as creative as they are.

    1. Enjoy your new hobby. Why not use this lockdown time to try making cards with the resources you already have at home? Recycle old cards and magazines, use old buttons and ribbons to trim creative without spending a fortune online or at Hobbycraft!

  2. I think I might leave my birthday cards out for longer too as they are so pretty.
    Looks like a grey Saturday here
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Birthday cards are pretty and I like the reminders of friends and family

  3. Very cute cards! I think you should extend your card display period to three weeks. :)

  4. How lovely to have such pretty and personal cards.

    1. It's lovely to know someone had thought of you

  5. Those cards are beautiful! You did really well with those. I always like to leave mine up for several weeks too! Seems a shame to only keep them up for a few days.x


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