Monday 27 April 2020

Going Round In Circles

There was a beautiful little photo story in the paper at the weekend, about a young woman called Victoria Rose Richards [pretty name!] from Devon. She is 21, and has just graduated in biological science- hoping to work in ecology or environmental science. But in her spare time she stitches. She grew up in the Devonshire countryside, and gets her inspiration from the Google Earth images of her county. [pictures below from The Guardian]
She uses satin stitch and French knots to make 'colourful and optimistic' scenes
Look at these waves rolling in onto the beach, and the little wooded islands.

Fields, roads, rivers and crops meticulously recreated in these textural stitches. I think they are brilliant. The hoops vary in size- so some of this is truly 'minute detail'.
You can see more of her work on Instagram [here]- and if you want to own  a piece of Victoria's artwork, go to her Etsy shop [here]
Young artists, producing lovely works like this are deserving of our encouragement. Thanks VRR for brightening up these difficult days!


  1. Oh, those are very pretty! What a creative idea!

  2. Oh they are beautiful. Some people are so talented

  3. You have unearthed yet another very skilled crafter producing amazing things in their spare time. I particularly like the 'all green' one on the bottom left. That's the image I have of of Devon.

  4. I messaged VRR to say I was posting this and had a charming reply. I should like to do something similar for East Anglian landscapes.

  5. I wonder what made her think of creating such unusual pictures. The stitchery must take hours. They are little heirlooms.

  6. Aren't they clever! I love it when people combine different interests and talents in such a unique and special way!

  7. Such beautiful craftsmanship! Thank you for sharing and for stopping by my blog.

    1. It's a lovely blog, always good to find another to add to my list


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