Wednesday 8 April 2020

Old Masters - New Interpretations

The Getty Museum in LA has asked people under lockdown to recreate their favourite artwork using the stuff they have at home, and share the results on Twitter. People have come up with some splendid stuff. Click this link to see some great examples.The Arnolfini Marriage, and Murder of Marat

This young milkmaid is so cute!
Mind you, I am more interested in all that bread she has on the table!
It is an interesting challenge.
Which picture would you recreate?


  1. Well done for finding this link, made me smile

  2. Oh, those are great recreations! :D

  3. I saw these plus a lot more a few days ago - people have done a brilliant job - very creative with some of them.

  4. I've seen a few "Mr and Mrs Clark with Percy"s after David Hockney's painting in the Tate. That's a favourite of mine.

  5. They are clever, aren't they? I've not seen the Hockney copies, Nicky, but I love that picture too.

  6. These are so, so, so clever! I have interpreted quite a few of these paintings through our Style Imitated Art challenge! My favourite one to do was “Melody (Musica)” by Kate Bunce!
    I must go and have a look!

  7. Lovely work in these interpretations!


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