Monday 6 April 2020

John Rylands, The Bodleian, And Rosie's Place!

Liz sent a series of WhatsApp messages yesterday afternoon. They made my heart sing!

Ro: I want to go back to London
Liz; why?
Ro; so we can go to the library

Ro; what if we MADE a library?
Customers are getting books recommended that relate to their interests
We have a till and library cards
And recommendations are very tailored
Three cheers for all the parents and children out there who are doing brilliant, creative things right now. 


  1. This post brought back happy memories of my sister and I playing libraries. We used the end of a wooden cotton reel as a stamp and 'catalogued' our books, some of which I still have, with our own numbering system. Thank you for your daily posts. They are a blessing. May you and yours stay and keep well.

    1. I don't think Rosie has seen a library stamp , it's all s amber's now!

  2. Happy memories of my lot playing libraries, I think they made their date stamp from duplo bricks

  3. Isn't that cheering. Well done both Liz and the Librarian!

  4. Oh, this post made my heart sing, too! I remember when my daughter and the neighbor's daughters would play library!

  5. I love this post. It reminds me of my own childhood as well as that of my own kids playing shops and libraries when they were little and we had no money to go out. Happy times though. Stay well x

  6. Oh, this makes me so happy!!!! What a lovely thing to do!!

  7. Darling little redhead. I've got one now too but (well two if you count his Daddy but his hairline is sadly depleting!) have yet to 'meet' him properly. I get daily updates and pics though which is all that can be accomplished at the moment and for those I'm so thankful. I'm videochatting with my eldest granddaughter too, checking her spelling homework and it's actually making me feel like I'm achieving something. I think all the parents were fine with the thought of the restrictions lifting at the end of this week but sadly, it's all too apparent that this won't happen, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if total lockdown is introduced for this weekend, since some people are finding it hard to stick to the rules. Shame for the rest of us who are, diligently.Hope Bob's making a good recovery.xx

  8. Well this post clearly brought back good memories!! It's hard for parents to keep children restricted...good that we grannies can chat over Skype etc. Bob is heaps better and back to work ( light duties!) Thank you for your kind messages

  9. This is very sweet! I am anxious for my granddaughter to grow a bit more so we can play similar games.


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