Tuesday 21 April 2020

Lock DOWN - Dress UP

Don't forget, it is the Queen's Birthday**. So all handwashing today must be accompanied by two rousing choruses of ...   "Happy Birthday to the Queen,  Happy Birthday to the Queen Happy Birthday to her Majesty,   Happy Birthday to the Queen"
On Friday evening we watched 'Phantom of the Opera' [one of the Friday night performance on YouTube, part of The Shows Must Go On] It was enormously enjoyable. Not a musical I know, there seem to be just variations on two tunes, [but that's just my opinion, and I apologise if POTO is your absolute favourite show]. I was blown away by the brilliant costumes though. 
Bob alerted me the following morning to some more excellent costumes. A couple called Izabela and Lukas Pitcher create bespoke period costumes for museums and re-enactors. Their company is called Prior Attire and they live in Clifton Reynes near Milton Keynes [that sounds like the start of a poem...] They decided that when they took their government-advised daily walk, they would wear their costumes - so they have been delighting the residents of their little village by strolling down the street in period costume. 
Look at these fabulous pictures - I've added some vaguely Royal captions
Just don't lose your head when you meet the King, dearest
 'Oi! Charlie, d'ya fancy a squeeze of my oranges?
 By George, that's fine and dandy
 And did you see the Queen in Windsor?
You know, the weather in Florence is much better than this
I'm one of the ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit
Let's go up to Norfolk for the weekend, to the King's houseparty at Sandringham
I think this is a lovely idea- and I hope the publicity gets them more business in future. Do check out the Friday Night YouTube shows. They are each on for 24 hours only, from 7pm Friday - 7pm Saturday. 

** Advice for the Queen, and others, having a birthday during lockdown - 

  1. keep the cards up at least three weeks to cheer your spirits.
  2. remember to change the water regularly in the bouquets 
  3. have a quiet tea with your housemates/pets. Forget wild parties
  4. don't be surprised  greetings from long forgotten friends [who are spending all day on Facebook at the moment]
  5. after lockdown, remember to claim all the prorogued birthday hugs and kisses 


  1. Happy birthday to Her Majesty!

    I love the idea of taking a daily walk in period clothing! Of course, as far as I know, saris haven't changed all that much over the centuries. :)

    1. My friend in Leicester used to say that the wonderful thing was that her wedding sari still fitted her perfectly, twenty years and three children later!!!

  2. Replies
    1. I think you'd find these more interesting than Dr Who costumes. I live the Florentine ones, and the Tudors best, I think.

  3. Wonderful costumes and what fun to see them each day!

  4. They are brilliant costumes! What a fun idea! CBC is having a pirate themed Zoom party on Friday night for his birthday and I'm really cross I left all my templates & treasure map at school (including my completed Macaw for my shoulder). Oh well, just have to make more! I've also prepared an Escape Room-style challenge in tandem with my Dad so CBC will have to search for snd solve clues whilst my Stepmum and step sister will have to search for the same ones in their house (which my Dad will have hidden!). Excited and hoping they enjoy it!


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