Thursday, 7 January 2021

Getting Rid Of Things

 Downsizing is difficult!

The Books; I love Ziffit. In 2020, I did 15 transactions, and raised £127 - that averages out at £8.50 a time. I also posted on the local 'things for sale in Ferndown' group, and sold a bag of cookbooks for £5 and another of craftbooks for £10. [These were ones which I couldn't sell on Ziffit], Bob has passed on theology books to other people in ministry, and I'm handing on teaching books to a teacher [who also had nativity costumes and a palm tree]

The Clothes: Some to charity shops - but in recent months, a lot of thick winter garments have gone to a homelessness charity in Bournemouth and also our local CAP organiser. 

The Furniture: Steph and Gary had our dining suite, when we made our brief trip to Manchester in the summer- one bed went online 

[as did the wardrobe, dressing table, and ottoman] another went to the Action4Change charity. Some smaller household items went to Prama [thank you to the guy who came out to the car and unloaded it for me!] Bob's massive vinyl collection has been decimated, using the new British Heart Foundation scheme

And lots of bits and pieces have sold on Etsy - I've deliberately kept prices low so they will sell - and so only made a £ or two on each transaction.

One of the latest departures has been Jess the Puppet - I used her a lot in Leicester, both in schools and in church, but there's been no opportunity here. I advertised her in a Baptist facebook group I'm in. I'm ridiculously happy that she has gone to Sarah, a Senco in Norfolk - and she'll go on working in church and school.

I will never be a true minimalist - but I am a WIP


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  1. Well done on all the downsizing and decluttering you have managed to do, so far!


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