Saturday, 6 March 2021

You've Been Framed!

There are too many picture frames in this house! When we emptied the loft on Tuesday I found a whole box of family photos and random pictures - and many of them were in good frames. Then there was a box of 8 smaller wooden IKEA frames left over from a Holiday Club craft project, and the box of "pictures we formerly had on the walls in Kirby but not in this house". 

Bob helped me remove all the photos, and we amassed about 25 frames for which we have no use [if we hung all the artwork on the walls at Cornerstones, it would be like the National Gallery - 30 pictures in every room] I posted in the Ferndown Kindness Group- and a lady has been to collect the frames. No point in trying to sell them, and if a Charity shop were open for donations, this lot would rather swamp them. 

We've kept three IKEA "Ribba" frames- because we used to have a wall of black and white family photos all mounted in these frames, in the lounge in Kirby. I've found a few more pictures that I'd like to add to this and we will display them in the hall at Cornerstones. But all the rest are going.

Last Saturday, Bob and I walked to the postbox, and noticed someone had a load of 'free' stuff on their lawn. Is that a Ribba? I said - then reminded myself we did not need it. A couple of days later, on another postbox stroll, I saw the frame again- at the top of the road, this time smashed on the pavement. Had somebody picked it up, then dropped it by mistake? If so, why didn't they clear it up? Next to it was a child's plastic wheelbarrow.

It was almost 3pm, and time for the children who were at school to come home - there are often adults, children, toddlers, and dogs on the path mid afternoon. I came home home, got gloves and a cardboard box, and went back to retrieve the glass. When I got back to our house, I discovered it was like a RIbba, but different proportions. It's all been carefully disposed of now. My neighbour said she'd noticed a family with a small child pushing the barrow full of stuff, and it tipped over. Maybe he'd collected the freebies on his walk up the hill. [The barrow has gone now]

Cornerstones is in a much quieter close - very few children going past. I'll miss that. But my youngest neighbour there, who has mobility issues, has just got a fantastic new TomCat trike. This innovative company specialises in bespoke trikes for those with special needs- enabling them to enjoy the fun of cycling, and safe exercise in the fresh air. I look forward to chatting to her this summer as she pedals by with her Mum jogging behind.


  1. Thank you for caring enough to gather up the glass etc. which might have hurt someone. Your kindness always impresses me.

  2. That was very neighbourly of you to go back and pick up the broken glass. I too seem to have accumulated a lot of picture frames and some may be disposed off during this Spring clean. I haven't quite decided as yet as I need to check with one of my sisters. She lost her home to a fire a few years ago and the one thing that really upset her was the loss of family photos. Friends and family sent copies to replace many but I think I'll have a look through my photos as I'm doing a bit of a cull and frame up a few more for her. I probably won't get to visit her until the late Summer but sometimes her husband has to drive back this way for a medical appointment so perhaps we can make arrangements for him to collect them. At least they will be put to good use!

    I think I've mentioned that I've been going through our church archives room trying to organize things a bit and one of the things that have to be dealt with are a number of old pictures and posters - many of which have no historical value so I'm thinking of including the frames in our annual book sale - which will hopefully be able to go as of this Sept. (it's usually held at the end of May) - I think that's the best way to get rid of them and make a few dollars at the same time.

  3. So many "annual events" are being cancelled or rescheduled. Church buildings do "accumulate" pictures - often donations that are accepted, but not really needed!


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