Saturday, 14 May 2022

Another BSJ

That's a Baby Surprise Jacket. I first knitted one of these seven years ago  The Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern enables you to knit a cardigan all in one piece, and then it folds together, and just two sleeve seams later you have a jacket.

My Postcard Project Partner Kirsten mentioned that she was just knitting one - which was so bizarre, because I had just found my pattern in the loft and sorted some wool from the Stash to knit one myself. Kirsten's is beautiful - look here, and I was so pleased to be able to send her some buttons for it [The Button Collection is just too big, and I need to prune it down]

I did mine in some Sirdar Snuggly [originally from SIL Denise,] with a few bands of a pastel random yarn to liven up the grey. And here's one I did back in 2015 when Liz was pregnant

And this is the lovely one Kirsten has made. I think my 2022 version is distinctly lacking in stripes!

 Maybe I should sort out a whole bagful of yarns and make another. The great advantage of this pattern is that you do not need to worry about matching the stripes - they automatically line up because of the clever way in which the pattern is written.
It is truly a Surprise Jacket


  1. What a clever and attractive pattern. I am so impressed that the stripes line up automatically.

  2. I love these little jackets. I have saved the link so that I will be able to purchase the pattern one day.

  3. That is a very cute jacket! I like the colors you used.

  4. I think that is beautiful!!

  5. I love that pattern! It's gorgeous!


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