Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Right Royal Recycling

There's a Scarecrow Competition in the village, as part of the Jubilee Celebrations. I had this idea about creating scarecrow from recycled stuff. Nothing new, nothing purchased - maybe I could make it into Greta Thunberg? I started planning [I have a scandi hat like hers] After all, I said, no point in doing it if it doesn't say something.
Then I reread the rules, and discovered there had to be a Royal theme. Plan B - recreate January 22nd, 2020. Following his speech on decarbonisation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Prince Charles met the teenage activist. I could make two scarecrows- The Green Prince meets The Climate Princess.  After all, you can buy cardboard masks on line can't you?
No good- I'm not buying anything, and also the rules say no commercially available facemasks. We move on to Plan C, I will just have to stitch them.
I found two faces online, printed them off, and used them to embroider onto a piece of scrap calico from the stash
Here's my stitching - all backstitched in a darkish brown, with the Prince's eyebrows in grey/brown/black.
Then I started assembling materials for the actual scarecrows.
  • lots of old clothes & boots
  • some old towels [stuffing limbs]
  • old pillows [bodies]
  • cardboard boxes [heads]
  • stockinette from the Lathe Palace [for covering the head]
  • wool [hair]
  • long wooden spoons and a porridge spurtle [stiffening the thighs]
  • the bottom 'table' units from the high chairs
  • two gazebo leg structures
[these last items were the Christmas bits from Joseph and the Virgin Mary here] Last week, whilst Bob was busy being ill, I was working away on my creations. 
I cannot find my patriotic bunting anywhere. I am sure I would not have decluttered it before the move, but it really does not seem to be here. So on Monday evening I grabbed some blue and white fabric [gazebo leg coverings] and some red and white stripe ticking, and cut out 50 [Not bothering with niceties like hemming or overlocking] Tuesday morning I spent half an hour stitching them all down.
It looks quite nautical, with all those stripes, but will add a red/white/blue element to my final display. The rules say that the scarecrows must be on display by noon on Monday 30th May. So as we get back from the wedding on Sunday, it will be an early start Monday to display my creations and hang the bunting. And once it is all sorted, I will post pictures for you.

Are you having any scarecrows in your area for the Jubilee?


  1. I really like your creativity and the bunting! No scarecrows or Jubilee celebrations, over here.

    1. Do you do scarecrow competitions for Independence Day or Halloween?

  2. (This is Kezzie. It keeps saving all my comments as Anonymous...not sure why!)
    Your plan sounds brilliant. I'm looking forward to seeing them. My Mum is also entering a scarecrow competition in her town.
    Your bunting is v attractive!!!

    1. Blogger is doing this "Anon" to other people too

  3. Oh gosh so many 'rules' but it seems that you have neatly managed to follow them all perfectly.

    No, we are not having scarecrows (that I know about) but the Jubilee Weekend is also our towns annual Children's Festival so there is a lot going on pageants, competitions and a football tournament and there is also a HUGE picnic on our Millennium Green for everyone to join in.

    1. We're having a Picnic on Thursday and a beacon lighting ceremony

  4. No scarecrows here, but I may spend some time driving around because I think that there will be wonderful ideas. I can't wait to see yours.


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