Saturday, 7 May 2022

Box Sets

In our family, we have always enjoyed board games. But they do take up a fair amount of space. I decided I needed to tidy up the shelf. We have children's games, like Junior Scrabble and Kangaroo, and 'trad' games from my childhood [Cluedo, Monopoly, Scrabble] and some of the newer games. Over the years we acquired duplicate, because we liked having games 'at home' but also here in Norfolk for holidays. Duplicate Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit have gone to the CS. 

Back in 2008 I reconfigured one Scrabble board, and made a waterproof zip bag so that we could slip the game into the motorbike pannier for our holiday. I wondered if there was any way to modify other board games in our collection to take up less space. 
In a CS in Sheringham, I'd bought "Kangaroo" [very like Buckaroo] to play with Rosie - you load all the kit onto the animal till the spring clicks and throws everything into the air. But the original plastic tray was missing, and all the components were rattling around in the large box. I trimmed it down by about 50%. Everything fits neatly, into the smaller box.
We have Cranium, which we love- and Steph gave me a box of extra cards for my birthday. By removing the plastic insert, it was possible to get old and new cards neatly into the box. There was a lot of wasted space and the new arrangement is much neater.

I have done a similar thing with my extra Trivial Pursuit cards. My next move will be to cut the Cluedo Board to make it fold into a reduced size box.[This post  has a tutorial on modifying boards]

Do you have a favourite board game?
How do you store the boxes?


  1. I never thought of cutting the boards to make them smaller! I have a few board games and they all fit into a section in the 'entertainment center', still in their original boxes. :)

  2. These games are old, loved, and well used - so modifying the box is also an opportunity to repair damage and strengthen battered corners.

  3. I LOVE Articulate and The Big Taboo!! Bananagrams is a good one for travel as it comes into a little Zip bag!

  4. Bean loves lots of different sorts of board games — she loves Mousetrap but I find it frustrating. My very favorite board game is Scrabble. And I have enjoyed Pictionary. But, above all I love puzzles.

  5. No need to buy Bananagrams. Just use your Scrabble tiles. Frugal and saves space. ~ skye

    1. I must look up how to play Bananagrams...


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