Saturday 8 July 2023

Chicken Or Fish?

We were expecting Rosie for three days whilst there were teacher strikes- I'd even got some lesson plans uin my head [literacy, numeracy and domestic science, and Bob doing technology and possibly music...] Then things changed and suddenly we had three days where we could do what we wanted. So we finally started redecorating our bedroom [paint bought last year]

All large furniture moved into the centre of the room. Some of these cupboards have been in place since 2009. There was a vast amount of dust!

Bob took down the new blinds and the curtains - neighbours and dog walkers waved as they walked by. And we set to with our paintpots, roller trays and brushes. It was a good collaboration, we work well as a team

We decamped into the back bedroom for a few nights, surrounded by all the extra stuff. It was hot - neither of us slept well. In the early hours of the morning, laying awake pondering on things, I considered our very different techniques with a paintbrush. 

Bob is neat and painstaking, I am rather hurried and slapdash. Not so much chalk and cheese, but rather chicken and fish. Or as they say in the Art world, Poussin and Pollock!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the redecorated room!

  2. Our bedroom furniture was 2nd hand when we got it, and is about 50 years old. The drawers are sagging and the cheap veneers are chipped. Bob's persuaded me to invest in some new pieces. I'll post pictures when they are in place!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished look! Kxx

  4. Sounds as though your painting skills complement each other. Bob can do all the fussy edging around the doorframes and window and you can dash around the rest with a roller!

  5. Lovely to have a 'new' bedroom!

  6. I'm deffo from the Pollock School of Painting!Be careful of your Vertigo. Let Bob do the ceilings and high bits, saves you leaning back.Can't wait to see The finished results.

    1. You are right about the high bits! Yesterday afternoon I went to visit neighbour, now our of hospital and having a week's respite in care home up the road. She was a little ..taciturn."I've been busy painting the bedroom" I said, struggling to get her into conversation. "Blue!" she responded brightly. "Yes, had I already told you what colour we'd chosen ?" "No, it's all over the back of your elbow" (oops)

  7. Always a good feeling getting something underway that's on the to do list isn't it? Im not usually allowed near a paint brush or roller - not that my OH is great at decorating just that I'm worse!!
    Alison in Wales x

  8. This is exciting as well as fun. A new bedroom with new furniture. Your energy is admirable.
    I am looking forward to seeing the new look.

  9. We always play music when we paint together. It will be a delight to see your finished room in due time.


  10. Lovely to find you had that time to tackle the painting. Of course you make a perfect team, Bob to reach the high parts and you to do the low parts!


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