Saturday 15 July 2023

Gardeners' Question Time

How are things in the raised bed?
They are going fine, thank you. The decision to be a little more relaxed and not follow Huw's book quite so rigidly has worked out better than I hoped
What have you harvested thus far?
Row #10 - lots of radishes
Row #4 - plenty of broad beans, some of which have been blanched and frozen, and the podfs make a very acceptable soup. 
Row #7 - the four colour mizuma was OK, but we decided it looked attractive in the plate but didn't deliver much in terms of leafiness. It bolted in June, and I've pulled it out. Put Pak Choi there
Row #6 - the perpetual spinach however, is living up to its name. Baby leaves in salads, larger leaves wilted in cooked dishes - lots blanched and frozen - and still it keeps growing.
Row #1 - Swift Early Potatoes, just harvested this row [more growing in tubs in back garden]
Row #2contains "Red Duke of York" - you will notice that 4 of those got picked by mistake! 2.75 kg here.
Any surprises?
Oh yes! None of the tomatoes I planted germinated*. The little pots sat, forlorn, on the window of the Futility Room. After a few weeks, I emptied the pots at the end of Row#10 where the radishes were. Now I have three unexpected tomato plants. And in the middle of Row #2 potatoes- a whole mass of nasturtium flowers. I'm using them to garnish my salads. They look so pretty!
Any Top Tips?
First - I heard this on the radio - if thunderstorms are expected, make sure you have filled all your watering cans to make space in the water butts for collecting any heavy rain.
Second - My very own idea - You remember I used the fabric from my vertical blinds to make crowns at the Coronation Street Party Well, I kept all those weights which come in the bottom of each strip.
They make excellent plant tags. They are heavy and do not blow away, and their rough surface takes marking with a Sharpie very well and it does not wash off [as it did on my yogurt pot labels last year] And there is plenty of room too.
Kirsten said she'd just planted beetroot, so I have put some in, to fill the strange gap in Row #5 where the carrots have not germinated [I have just a few plants at one end of the row]
* I bought some plants, and was given others by friends, so there are toms coming along in the greenhouse.
My kitchen is at the front of the house- I've moved most of my herb pots to the area beside the front door- it's much quicker to nip outside for a bayleaf or handful of sage now. 


  1. Sounds like your garden is growing very well, indeed!

    1. 🌱🌿🌾🌱🌼

  2. Love this!!! Might nick this idea for a post! P.S. I realise you are in London- I had a concert last night which I should have invited you to!x

    1. Thanks Kezzie - but we were babysitting till Liz and Jon got back!

  3. I think I am going to dream about those lovely potatoes! Just imagining them boiled with a little butter on top!..Bliss. JanF


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