Sunday 18 February 2024

Feasting And Fasting

On Ash Wednesday we used up the leftover batter from Tuesday night and feasted on Pancakes for breakfast.

Another member of the family teased us,  suggesting that we should be fasting now that Lent has started. 
I'm enjoying Delia's Lent notes. On Friday she began with a passage from Isaiah 58 which reminded me of true "fasting" I looked up the passage in The Message 
This is the kind of fast day I'm after
To break the chains of injustice 
Get rid of exploitation in the workplace 
Free the oppressed 
Cancel debts
What I'm interested I seeing you do is
Sharing your food with the hungry 
Inviting the homeless poor into your homes
Putting clothes on the shivering ill clad
Being available to your own families 
Do this and the lights will turn on
Your lives will turn around 
... Righteousness will pave your way
... The God of glory will secure you
... When you pray, God will answer. 
Delia says that Lenten fasting should help us break free from those things that enslave us [bad habits, attitudes etc] but also should be a time when we help other to be freed from the things that enslave them. 
I love the fact that Isaiah lists activities which make for social justice - but also "being available to your own families". Don't be so busy doing good for strangers that you neglect your nearest and dearest! 


  1. That's an interesting take on fasting!

    1. I wondered how you would think about this, Bless. Considering "almsgiving" as fasting from spending on self in order to give to other...

  2. A very wise warning to be available for your own families. I sometimes have terrible pangs of guilt about the amount of my life I gave to my job. Catriona

    1. Recognising the problem and trying to use time wisely is a good start.

  3. It is always a danger that we become so busy helping others that our family can suffer. Wise words.

  4. This is challenging on lots of levels isn't it.
    Achievable with God's grace 🙏
    Alison in Wales x

  5. Wise words, indeed and loved the Isaiah 58 from The Message.


  6. I like the line about being available to our own families. After all, we are the only ones that are closest to them and should be aware of their needs.


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