Wednesday 14 February 2024

Love Everyday

Billy Joel wrote a great song, "Tell her about it" [here] reminding us that the essence of a strong relationship is communication. It is saying you love someone, frequently, not just assuming they know. I believe that's true in all situations, friends and family, as well as the "beloved". Even if hugs are out (for covid or whatever reason) there are ways to show we care for others, that we believe each life matters. 
They have this poster in the window of the local Christian bookshop. Underneath it says "Valentine's is for one day, God's love is for every day." A bit twee, maybe but there is an important truth behind it.
๐Ÿ’œYou are loved๐Ÿ’œMake sure you find time to share love with someone this week.๐Ÿ’œ


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day and I always used to talk to the children in Assembly this week about the Magic Penny song- love is something if you give it away, you’ll end up having more. Catriona

  2. There's a lot of love in our house every day, but especially on St. Valentine's Day, as our son was born on 14th February!
    A much loved aunt of mine has always said that one can feel the love upon entering our house! X

  3. Since my mum died I've been much more aware of how important it is to tell loved ones ' I love you' .
    Thank you for the post x
    Alison in Wales x

  4. Yes, a bit twee but wonderfully true!


  5. A lovely poster and reminder of God's continual love, day after day.


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