Friday 23 February 2024

What Did The Egyptians Eat?

We did a quiz with the children - which foods do they think ancient Egyptians did or didn't eat. I believe that there are 10 items on this collage which were not in their diet. Which do you think they are?
Answers this evening!


  1. I used to teach this History unit to Year 5. We always finished the unit with an Egyptian picnic! We made our own Hummus, wrapped rice in leaves, and added dates and apricots, all in 'Egyptian' dress. Including one who came as a Mummy, wrapped in loo paper!

    1. Wonderful. We're having a competition at the Family and Friends night to dress loo paper Mummies

  2. A run activity for the family! Anything with tomato, chocolate, potato and blueberries. I count eight, so I'm missing somethings. I look forward to the answer!

  3. Well I don't think they had tomatoes, chocolate or roulade........I bet you got some great answers from the youngsters.
    Alison in Wales x

  4. They really enjoyed the quiz

  5. I wanted to think that they had chocolate! But I'm sure they didn't, nor coffee, and I realize that potatoes originated in South America. Hippo burgers anyone? Surprise me!

  6. I'm late to the Egyptian buffet! But, I'm guessing they didn't eat fish fingers (or fish sticks as they are called here), pasta, pizza, chocolate, cake, potato chips, and tomatoes, and they didn't drink regular black tea (they might have had herbal teas) or coffee. I doubt if they had hamburgers as shown, either, but, they would have eaten meat and bread.


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