Sunday 25 February 2024

Peace Day

Yesterday morning Bob and I visited the Ukrainian Aid Centre in Dereham. It is just two years since the start of the war. 
The town was marking this with Dereham Peace Day. There were a lot of people in the Centre. After tea and cake, at 11am we stood round as a lady spoke. She was acting as a translator. She invited various members of the Ukrainian community to speak, and told us what they had said. 

It was very moving. They read poems and prayers speaking of their wartorn homeland, the friends they had list, 
and those they'd left behind. Many wept as they spoke, and others listening embraced each other with tears. I bought one of the special key rings. 

I cannot imagine what they are going through. But I join them in praying for an end to the fighting. I'm glad that these women have found live and support in this corner of Norfolk. 


  1. It's sad to think that two years have already passed and that war is still going on and other wars have started!

  2. I think it is wonderful that Dereham has supported the Ukrainian residents.
    This horrid war has been going on for two years. A pointless, vicious war. I hope that it ends very soon.

  3. That looks like a very poignant occasion and so valuable to those dear people suffering because of a pointless war.
    Alison in Wales x

  4. It's awful that it is 2 years since it began and it atill goes on.xx

  5. Yes, when will they ever learn?
    May peace prevail on earth.


  6. At the beginning we heard so much about this war ( at least here in the U.S.) but now one has to search for any news. I agree with Carole R.
    Good for Dereham. JanF

    1. We still get regular news reports from the BBC. 😢

  7. It's so sad this war goes on, just to stroke the ego of one man.

  8. Next door to where we once lived, the eldest son, married to a Ukrainian woman, is in Ukraine fighting. Who would have thought that his earlier military training in Canada would be useful in this unjust war.


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