Friday 23 February 2024

Off The Menu...

I believe the foods not eaten by ancient Egyptians to be these [but I am happy to be corrected]
spaghetti, chocolate, fish fingers, crisps, coffee
burgers, tea, pizza, swiss roll, tomatoes
And yes, they did eat hippos - in fact, some historians believe that King Tutankhamen was actually crushed to death by a hippopotamus! [It is not clear if this was alive at the time, or just rolled off the dining table on top of him]
Kings need to watch their diet  - King Henry I of England reputedly died of eating a surfeit of lampreys in 1135, and King Adolf Fredric of Sweden died in 1771 after eating a champagne banquet followed by fourteen semlor buns.


  1. Thanks for the answers-I thought the hippo had to be true because it just seems so ridiculous😱
    I’m sure the children had good fun with this quiz. Catriona

  2. Sounds like they ate a rather healthy diet! Maybe we should say, "Eat like an Egyptian" (instead of walk like one!) :D

    1. I like that idea - apart from eating hippos

  3. You just knew someone would look up hippo meat - apparently it’s quite palatable rather like beef.

  4. Im surprised about the hippo. Also about pizza. I wondered if some kind of unleavened bread with toppings might have been all the rage in the days of ancient Egyptians!

  5. So they might have had hippo burgers, although I guess they didn't have a MacDonalds to serve them.


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