Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Idly wasting a few minutes on the Internet, I came across this fabulous kitchen gadget

personal donut maker

A personal donut maker - which produces these...


If I were a rich woman [they cost around £200 to ship from the USA] I might consider buying one as a gift for my beloved, who would

a; love the gadgetry and technology involved

b; appreciate the end product

But I realise that such generosity on my part could produce a spouse who looked  like this...

homer donut

So I shall not be buying one, after all, I think!


  1. Wouldnt that be great! However....moderation in all things..?

  2. Please don't show this gadget to my husband or my sons. Yikes! But it really does look fab.


  3. I have so many gadgets that I think are cool but I now never use. Lol.

    Mmmm, I quite fancy a doughnut with jam in the middle.



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