Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Back To The Real World…

…after all the excitement of being on the radio yesterday. If you’re in the UK, you can listen here – it is about an hour into the programme. I’ve decided it is way to late to try and lose my Essex accent. I did half a day in school, with many children and colleagues saying “I saw your picture in the Mercury, Miss” and “Miss, Did you know you were in the paper?” It began to feel a bit like “Oooh, you’ve had your hair cut!” – as if the victim wasn’t aware it was happening. Made another sweatshirt yesterday…


…this time for Lester The Lemur.

I am OK with teddy bears, just about happy with lemurs- but I may draw the line at meerkats!

The ‘Exotic Pet Refuge’  in Lincolnshire advises that meerkats make very poor pets. They bite, and the bite can become infected. They stink, and will scent-mark their owner and the house. Being a pack animal, they may become hysterical if kept as single pets. And they aren’t very good at insuring your property either!


  1. There were lemurs at the animal sanctuary I worked at. One of them would roll in ...no polite way to say this..poop, then rub himself all over us. I like to think it was a compliment!
    Jane x

  2. Well, there are some VERY impressed strawberries here! "Is that our Angela?", they asked! Oh yes, said I, oh yes! And they have many questions- because they're experts in codes, you know, what with Riddler from Batman and all...

  3. Love the Lemur sweatshirt. Just listened to the radio interview, you sounded like a natural, maybe a new career awaits!!

  4. So lemurs aren't goo dpets either then...
    I love the fact that the strawberries refer to me as 'our' Angela!
    Chris, not sure I have the right face for a career in radio!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast! You have a lovely voice. And now I know how to say Leicester. ~Liz


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