Sunday, 4 September 2011

Would You Believe It?

radio4Well, I am certainly struggling to take this in. Last Sunday, I listened to BH on Radio 4, and subsequently blogged here about Rana Jawad, Libya and Chocolate Cake.

Then Rana herself commented on the post. I spent all Monday muttering “A BBC Foreign Correspondent read my blog”

This morning, listening to BH, they had their usual “soundbite of the week’s news” competition. I knew the answer – it was all about Towers – the rebranding of Blackpool, and the photo of the Eiffel Tower struck by lightning. And the prize – which is always something topical, but often quite random, was one of these…

colossus valve

It is a valve from one of the Bletchley Park Colossus codebreaking machines [each one had over 1500 of these thermionic tubes]

I rushed into the bathroom, where Bob was shaving, and announced “ I know the answer - I am going to enter the quiz!”

I fired off an email [and said that I wanted to win because my late Mum worked at BP, and my husband’s an electronics geek] Then I went to church. And then Jan arrived and said her daughter Kay had phoned from the other end of the country to ask if it was this Angela Almond who had won the BH quiz? [Kay is wonderful!]

Jan had actually just heard it on the programme herself. She came to church and told us the good news!

Hilda HallI’ve just checked my emails, and the BBC have sent one asking for my address so they can send my prize!

This is such a lovely thing to win – representing something very special for me. Thank you BBC Radio4

My Mum’s name is now on the Roll of Honour at BP, and I am so proud of what she did.

Bob’s first job on leaving Oxford was to work for GEC, so it is doubly special. I am one very excited – but still half-deaf – little woman!

I think I must go and have a rest before I go out preaching tonight, before I burst with sheer excitement.


  1. Oh how wonderful!
    Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner! (as we sometimes say in The States).

    I'm especially glad for you that your mother is honored.


  2. WOW!!! You so deserved this - fantastic xxxx

  3. Oh wow! I heard the competition too, but didn't have a clue as to the answer - well done!
    I shall now count you as my famous friend!

  4. fantastic on both counts. Congrats xx

  5. What a wonderful surprise. You will treasure that bit of history.

  6. Well done! I normally listen to BH but was away this weekend so missed it, typical. So pleased for you, a very special prize. Maybe I can listen on line - will try that out later.

  7. It was obviously meant to be!
    Jane x

  8. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing it!

  9. Clever clogs! Congrats!
    See you Tuesday?

    Sandie xx

  10. Congratulations, I do a unit with my year 8's on codes and ciphers and we talk about Bletchley Park, enigma and colossus particularly in relation to how colossus inspired the invention of the modern computer. This year I will be able to tell them that a friend of mine owns part of one of the machines!

  11. Thanks for all these kind words.
    Sandie - looking forward to Tuesday
    ElizabethT - glad you're back to Hebron safely, pleased that BP gets into the IT teaching
    Chris - yes it is on iplayer, find it via the "BH" webpage.

  12. I heard them anounce the winner and I wondered,and now I know. IT WAS YOU!


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