Friday, 23 September 2011

Soap Opera

Yesterday’s Thrifty Thursday post generated so many comments – thank you everyone who got involved – and all of you who posted on your own blogs.

bird in wig

I think Hester must be congratulated for her amazing story of family thriftiness regarding Baked Beans!

I am still intrigued by Denise’s post regarding the person who advertised on Freecycle for a lady’s wig and a pigeon loft.

But I was utterly baffled by Jane’s comments on “My HE machine” – does Chris do her washing? Then LizBeth mentioned “HE 3X”. My investigations show that transatlantic friends are used to this logo

he logo

It is detergent meant for High Efficiency machines – which work well at low temperatures and don’t make so many suds.

Nothing to do with men doing the laundry then!

I don’t think I have come across this logo in the UK, although many of our detergents here now advertise their efficiency at lower temperatures. Justine’s comment about washer balls was helpful [definitely NOT trying them, then] It does seem that we are getting back to using simpler products [white vinegar, washing soda, regular dishwashing liquid] which is probably better for the environment and our purses.

Only one more Thrifty Thursday this month – please keep the hints and tips coming! I think I may repeat this exercise in March [I know there are 5 Thursdays in December too – but that month will be too full of Christmassy stuff]

Washing, Jane’s HE-machine, Denise’s wig. I really can think of nothing else to finish this post than another clip from South Pacific…

Don’t get into a lather about it!

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