Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Gleision Miners–RIP

It is just a year since we were thinking and praying about a mine far away in Chile. The outcome there was so different – this time there is just sadness.

There’s a cry in the Valleys, tears in the West
Mourning the heroes that wear the pit vest
Underground grafters always put in a shift
Below in that hillside in the deep,dark drift
They’re not coming home to their children their wives
The mine once again takes cherished lives
The coalfields of Britain all unite in your mourn
We’re all of the same breed, we’re pit village born

[attributed to Matt Harrison]


Eternal God,
you give light to those who sit in darkness
and in the shadow of death;
let your light shine on those who mourn
that they may rejoice in your holy comfort
and live in the light of the resurrection of Jesus Christ
our Lord


  1. well said, I can't believe it has alrady been a year since the Chile disaster............

    Gill in Canada


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