Saturday, 10 September 2011

Let Them Eat Gateau!

bartsBrilliant, if exhausting day. Complicated and busy morning, then off to St Barts to listen to some KJV and look at their Bible exhibition.

Back to Carey Gardens for a splendid lunch


Catering by the local Peppercorns Company.

Vivien in Connecticut, if you are reading this – spot Carole’s husband John , waiting patiently for his turn to collect a plate of food. After the lunch, time to chat, then a service of thanksgiving, and a slice of the anniversary cake.

Then Bob and I went off together to the induction service at Hugglescote.

Fortunately the timings worked well, and he did not have to travel separately on his motorbike. I was glad about that – we’ve had atrocious windy weather and also heavy rain.


No pictures of the equally delicious tea – sorry . And yes, Catriona, you were dead right about the quality of the cakes – gateaux, profiteroles, and much more. But I restricted myself to some fresh fruit salad!

And now both cars are loaded up for tomorrow, everything ticked off on our list, and we are going to relax with a cuppa in front of the TV. But we’re not watching the Last Night Of The Proms – I’ll catch that later. No, we’ve discovered a new detective series on BBC4

spiral logo

OK, it is in French, with subtitles [so I have to concentrate quite hard – I cannot knit during this programme!] but I am really enjoying it. Where I gave up on the subtitled Wallander [all that Scandinavian misery!] I can cope with these moody Frenchman, and I love the scenes of Paris. The male lead is Gregory Fitoussi.

gregory fitoussi

[Its like Aurelio Zen all over again, I am a sucker for an intelligent, slim guy in smart suit!]

I do hope the wind and rain die down before we have to set up the gazebos on the field tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for your good wishes for our Funday.

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  1. I'd be watching TV tonight if I knew I was going to see Aurelio Zen solve a mystery!


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