Friday, 9 September 2011

Living in CHAOS*


Sunday is the Village Funday – so Bob has started assembling the necessary PA gear. The lounge is absolutely crammed with speakers, microphones, cables, gazebos, signage…

The Dining Room is currently overwhelmed by my latest sewing project.

I think I may have to go and sit in the Airing Cupboard!

[* that’s the Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.  Please do not attempt to visit us before next Tuesday at the earliest. Thank you!]


  1. I hope it goes well and your home returns to normal soon x

  2. French village life;
    Best wishes for a successful day!

  3. I hope the weather holds for you. Is windy Katia due to attend?
    Jane x

  4. She is indeed -or her offspring- hence the Gazebo Guys!

  5. I've just re-discovered a crass stitched piece I made when I was laid low with a double prolapsed discs in the early '90's. It reads, " I Thrive on Chaos", I plan to make it into either a cushion (not got many of those LOL!) or a wall hanging. Will post a pic later.
    Sandie xx


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