Thursday, 8 September 2011

This Is Turning Into A Saga…

…said Bob.

paddy o cAnd I suspect he is right. After all the excitement about BH and Rana Jawad, and then even greater excitement about BH and winning the Colossus valve, I said “What next – a personal message from Paddy O’Connell?”

And behold, a postcard – with a ropey old picture of Broadcasting House and a message of congratulations from The Man himself.


No, really, it is a ropey old photo, it says so on the back!


And then, in the afternoon, a phonecall from Dr Stephen Fleming of the National Museum of Computing [at Bletchley Park] to ask if I wanted them to post my prize, or would we go down to BP and collect it personally? “We’ll go in person” said Bob. Stephen and I chatted a bit – then he rang back a few minutes later – to ask my mother’s name “I will see if we can find out something of what she did whilst she was here” he said. 45 years after I first learned she was there, 20 years after her death- I might actually learn a little more.

How utterly amazingly wonderful!

We are busy planning our visit, which will include guided tours of both the museum and Bletchley Park [websites here and here]

I am positively fizzing with excitement and gleefully grinning like Scarlett O’ Hara!


  1. I think you have a rainbow round your shoulder at present , good luck

  2. DO NOT forget the camera, and remember everything you are told...because we all want to know. Excitement is catching!!
    Jane x

  3. Oh , how wonderful. I do hope you get to find out more about your Mum's work! x

  4. How absolutely wonderful to be offered a visit! You deserve it!

  5. I hope your visit is everything you hope it to be :) And thank you for all your lovely messages on my blog

  6. How amazing, Ang!
    Oh, I love your comment on my blog and I am all shivery thinking of my angels from across the sea!

  7. Cor! You'll be on the telly next!
    How exciting going to Bletchley Park, as someone already said , don't forget the camera and make sure it's charged up and spare batteries LOL!
    Won't be able to get on Sunday to the 'do' at KM, would have liked to .

    Sandie xx


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