Monday, 13 May 2013

Bags One For Me!

I found this book in the library

bags the modern classic

After all my bag-making sessions with my students, I thought it was time to have a go at a bag myself. I chose the “Glenda” style clutch

glenda bagglenda clutch

Here is my progress so far, using fabric from the Great Stash - a scrap of IKEA curtaining for the outside, and silky polyester as lining.


The pattern and instructions were very well set out and easy to follow. I liked the way the told you to do something and then explained why [e.g. regarding pressing the darts in opposite directions so that things would lie flat and not be lumpy]

Here are front and back views of the opened bag, which Bob declared to be very ‘on–trend’ [oooh! cliché!]


I have yet to put a button on the front- mainly because I cannot decide what colour to use. Black, white, pastel? What do you think?


  1. Lovely bag, gorgeous fabric and hard to choose a button that won't detract from it. I might have tried to pick out that russety colour, but then I'm a bit strange!!! Thanks for visiting my blog.... THE conversation hasn't yet taken place, and just not sure it's a good one to have, sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie, no matter how much you feel the need to be honest.

  2. White for me.
    Love from Mum

  3. Bling button or orange, a mon avis! I love this - you're so go ahead and talented. My mother is clearing out her stash so I may be parcelling up some giveaway bundles- and you could well be on the receiving end anyway!

  4. I love your bag. It's fab.
    I go for the bling too

  5. I'm not a handbag kinda person but, your bag is brilliant, well done!

    Some news for you - Sis Rita is de-stashing her fabrics and said to me, "Do you think Angela would like them?" Well to use that modern phrase, i said, "Is the Pope a Catholic?" ! So, she's going to do the deed then bring them round to me so that you can collect from my place.
    Keep on 'bagging'!

    Sandie x

  6. Yes, the Pope IS Catholic, and I am definitely a Nonconformist! please thank Rita, and let me know when I should collect the stuff!! x

  7. I made my pinafores from that Ikea fabric, They are always in the wash and are still so good after about 3 yrs , continuous wear

  8. Very pretty fabric and bag!

    Not a black button, I think. If it were mine, I'd choose something to make one of the secondary colours "pop" (crafting cliché?). Probably pink.

    Re clichés: at work we have discussed initiating a Cliché/Grammatical Error/Punctuation Error Bingo Game. (One of our directors, who loves to write long and poorly-worded e-mails, is hopelessly addicted to the phrase "going forward". He's also a quite shameless torturer of apostrophes.) We thought we might make up some bingo cards and comb all our e-mails for the aformentioned clichés and errors. Whoever filled their card first would get a free lunch. Alternatively, we discussed setting a monthly limit on misplaced apostrophes, with a warning e-mail to be fired off to whoever exceeded the limit.... :)


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