Saturday, 25 May 2013

One Man Went To Mow!

I should have taken more pictures – particularly of the ‘before’ category. Steph and Mark had a very overgrown back garden – the gate to the passage behind the houses was inaccessible, the shed was densely covered with ivy, and the grass was so long. Oh, and the decking was rather filthy.


There’s definitely a shed under here!


Whilst I was at my WWDP Committee in Tunbridge Wells, Bob was busy working with saw, loppers, shredder, mower, and power washer.


The shredder is about twenty years old – it was my Dad’s


Now the grass is cut short, the ivy has been cut back, the magnolia tree pruned, and the patio has been jet-washed. Still lots of stuff to be shredded…but definitely a significant improvement.

Well done Bob!


  1. Did Bob have back up,just in case there was a tiger lurking in the undergrowth?
    Jane x

    1. Yes, he had his 'alligator saw' to hand!

  2. My goodness Angela.You have certainly made a transformation of that garden!

  3. Wow, well done Bob. It reminds me of when my parents moved to their new home a couple of years ago - they discovered at least an extra 6 foot at the end of the garden, including two apple trees hidden under the undergrowth and the perfect place for a shed.


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