Friday, 31 May 2013

Best Foot Forward

This is Sara from the Get Walking Campaign


I met her in the Supermarket on Wednesday. She was trying to persuade people to walk more and drive less – but sadly they all sped past her with their laden trolleys, back to their cars. I watched this as I stood in the queue to pay, and decided I should at least stop and have a brief chat, if only to encourage her a little bit.


We talked about the need to get more exercise, the fact that our Church has a “Walking In Good Company” Group which meets monthly, and how to persuade parents and schoolchildren that walking to school is preferable to jumping in the car at the last minute!

I came away with a little brown carrier full of information and a free pedometer. I gave Sara the details of our group [she is trying to get information about all the walking groups in the county] and promised her I would blog about the campaign. Check out the website as it is a national initiative, not just Leicestershire.


According to the information she gave me “A brisk 20 minute walk covering 1 mile will burn up 100 calories, which is equivalent to one chocolate digestive biscuit” I am hoping that the five minute uphill cycle-ride to the church burned up the calories in one fig roll, which is what I ate at yesterday’s Coffee Drop In!

I am sure I walked more when my children were younger [we only had one car, and I usually walked the girls to school each day] and later when we had Charlie, there was the dog-walking thing. But I am not really the sort of person who does much “walking as a leisure activity” Before the knee problems, I was really enjoying running – but my current exercise of choice seems to be cycling. I have my daughters to thank for that – they have definitely encouraged me into the saddle! I do hope Sara gets some takers though – she was so enthusiastic about her cause.


  1. I read or heard someone say recently that local walking is a great way to slow down and reestablish a sense of identity. I just love being outdoors! Jx

  2. I din't learn to drive till I was 30, so walked everywhere.'s too easy to hop into the car, but I do try to walk to the local shop.

  3. Re,. the book sale .
    Ann mentioned it at sewing circle yesterday

  4. I'm not walking anywhere until the bears have gone!!
    Jane x

  5. Yay for the school walk! Double yay for the biscuit allowance- the example you give is pretty much the distance to school- so if I go there and back twice in a day, on the biscuit front....

  6. I love walking; it's a shame we've got to the point where it has to be marketed but anything that encourages people to get off their sofas and out of their cars has to be a good thing (says she, sat at her laptop...)


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