Saturday, 25 May 2013

In Tunbridge Wells- But NOT Disgusted!

This week I attended a Women’s Day Of Prayer National Committee – held in Kent [usually we meet in London] We worked hard all day, there is lots of business to sort out [and I used to think WWDP was all about just one day in March!] Our venue was the church next door to WWDPHQ. During the lunch break, Nicci gave some of us a guided tour of the HQ, which was newly refurbished a couple of years ago [and won a civic award!]


It is an attractive, tall, thin building – originally a milkman lived here [and kept his horse and cart on the ground floor] then it housed a printing business

Now it is the HQ of our organisation


In this compact complex, the ground floor houses the print room, [Margeurite’s domain] a kitchenette, WC and small storage area

First floor – Mary and Nicci’s workstations [Here’s Nicci!]


Top floor is for storage [and a table and chairs for small meetings]Wisely, a small electric lift has been installed so that heavy boxes of books can be transported between floors safely. Nicci stressed it was not a passenger lift!


The three office staff work very hard all year round ensuring that all the mailings go out on time, and everything runs smoothly. You can read more about the WWDP Office here.

I found these pictures of the building both before and during refurbishment- quite a change I think! I am glad our intrepid trio have more spacious working conditions now.

wwdphq before

building work


  1. That is such an unusual building, and what ann interesting history it must have.

  2. The building looks as though it should be on the coast, filled with ropes and sails.
    Jane x

  3. I love the way the roof, and the boards, and even the glimpses of staircase all point heavenward like medieval cathedral spires. That's very apt!


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