Friday, 10 May 2013

Needles, Pins, And Cottonreel!

Two blogs I enjoy dipping into are those of Bluebell and Cottonreel. I knew these two ladies were good friends. Last week Bluebell moved – into the village up the road where Cottonreel lives. Then I discovered that every Thursday they come over to my village, and go to my friend Ann’s house, to sew together. Ann is the quilt expert at our church, who has sometimes been to Sewing Club to encourage the girls and teach them techniques.

So yesterday afternoon, after I’d been to a committee meeting, I called in and found a crowd of happy ladies stitching away. Ann is standing behind Cottonreel, and Bluebell is opposite in the red cardi.


They made me very welcome and showed me their stitching. Look at this lovely project bag which Ann is holding up [if I remember what they told me correctly, Cottonreel made this as a gift for Marlene, the lady sitting 2nd from the right]


I love the tabs with the different vintage buttons, and the blanket stitched flowers. A lovely mixture of colours and textures.



The angel is fun too

Ladies, I am in awe of your quilting and sewing skills and the fabulous results. [see Cottonreel’s latest piece of work here]

What a lovely way to spend one afternoon each week, stitching and chatting together – and enjoying tea and biscuits. “When you are retired, you can join us” they said.

That’s a long way off yet, I think

It is always good to meet up with blogfriends ‘in the flesh’!!


  1. How nice that you have finally met up with the two talented bloggers!

  2. What lovely work. I think it must be very inspirational to see each other's projects as they progress. Jx


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