Monday, 27 May 2013

We Are Mowing….

For the second Monday in a row, Bob has been doing some serious gardening [I just faff about on the sidelines doing lighter tasks] Last week Wimbledon, this week at Cornerstones. It is a lovely sunny bank holiday here. Apparently the bulbs I planted produced a very pretty display after Easter, say the neighbours – even if we never got to enjoy them.


The Crab Apple Tree, won by Liz in a competition 4 years ago is really beginning to show signs of life now, and is about two feet tall.

The grass has been mown at back, front and side, and our neighbour Alwyn kindly allowed us to put cuttings in her garden bin, once we had filled our own. We have also dealt with the weeds, and harvested our first home-grown rhubarb.

We have also written three new verses to the hymn “We are marching in the light of God” [so now I shall not be able to sing this with a straight face if Bob chooses it on a Sunday]

  • We are mulching…
  • We are mowing…
  • We are weeding…

We zipped into Dereham after lunch to pick up more milk, as we are expecting visitors later. I was intrigued by a sign in the woolshop


I have heard of Messy Church,, but whatever is “CarBootChurch”?

Can someone enlighten me, please?

Now I am going to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a magazine.

It is a Bank Holiday, after all!


  1. Enjoy your week. Hope for some sunny days for you.

  2. Mmm. Mind you, we never got to our messy churches so the chances of me being on the ball enough for carboot church are slim to slimmest. Car boots are where every one is at the weekends though, so why not? Those and gyms And B&Q. Gymchurch. B&Qchurch. It will happen!

  3. Ah, mulch... One of my favourite stories is


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