Monday, 6 May 2013

Cutting Edge Technology

The Fiskars Ironworks was founded in Finland in 1649 – that’s a mighty long time ago! They made farm tools and household implements. Then in 1967 they made the first plastic handled scissors – and by a strange quirk of fate, as the prototype went into production, the machinist decided to finish off the orange colour he had in his machine before putting other colours in. So the prototypes were made in four different colours, red, green, black and orange. A choice had to be made. An internal vote was taken at Fiskars, and the result gave birth to Fiskars orange-handled scissors.


In 1969, my parents bought me a pair of Fiskars scissors for my dressmaking – I still use them regularly.  I am very fond of my Fiskars Scissors, and over the years have added the small precision needlework scissors, the sewing snips, the Softgrip craft scissors and the kitchen scissors to my collection. Check out the Fiskars website for their full range [and project ideas]

fiskars scissors

Then my friend Susan brought her scissor sharpener along to Sewing Club. It was brilliant! So when MoneySupermarket awarded me some dosh a couple of week’s back for my £1-moneysaving-tips post, Bob suggested I treat myself. So I now have my own sharpener


how to sharpen

It is so easy to use, you just slip the blades into the two slots and ‘cut’ [whilst gripping the left hand side of the gadget] and your scissors are supersharp once more.

I am extremely pleased with the gadget and have been pottering round the house sharpening all sort of pairs of scissors. You cannot use it for pinking shears, serrated blades or left handed scissors – [sorry Steph!] Now where’s Johnny Depp…



  1. ...and woe betide the person who uses the dress making scissors to cut paper!!
    Jane x

  2. I remember the first pair of Fiskars' scissors I saw - they were my mum's dressmaking scissors. They were only to be used on fabric - I think the punishment for using them on paper would have been death! Needless to say I always longed for a pair myself and knew I had become a real adult when I had a pair in MY sewing box.


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