Thursday, 16 May 2013

I’ll Have A ‘P’ Please, Bob

great programme!

What is my Bob doing, out in the garage? He came inside to put on his overalls [usually a sign of something messy about to happen]

He appears to be sorting out my wooden letter templates



He is working on recycling an old sign into a new one



If you are anywhere near our village on Saturday 1st June, then please call in to the Church Hall to pick up a bargain or two [and support our Re-Creation Project]


  1. I'm loving the Pastor Bob overalls! And the multi tasking.

    1. Well spotted- he was sorting out the letters with his left hand while using his right hand to hold the phone.

      On the front of his overalls, he has his email address embroidered over the breast pocket!

    2. I thought maybe he was phoning for help spelling a tricky word...

  2. I remember watching Blockbusters when we lived in the UK, particularly one episode when the winner sang the Beatles song 'Yesterday'.
    Jane x

  3. His overalls are fab!!!! Your letters are cool too- I presume they are ones you purchased for the many school displays you've had to do!!! Oh that last episode of Blockbusters is brilliant- good old Bob!x

    1. The fab 60s retro letters came from my friend Carole [spot her initials, CV, inked on them] She passed them on to me when she retired from teaching. I also have some less interesting 'comic sans' ones.


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